Ancient Healing Arts Combined with Modern Day Science to Deliver Health and Youth (7th Edition)

About the Book

No matter what the era, a person’s health is still their wealth.

Over the years, artificial fertilizers have slowly chipped away at our health. If this continues, this may result in serious or even fatal illnesses for us.

Twenty years in the making, the 7th edition of It’s the Liver Stupid offers a way for us to avert this. It guides you to a path toward better health. It revisits and emphasizes the points made in its first edition to keep readers up to speed on new methods for kicking artificial fertilizers to the curb.

Make your health a priority before it’s too late.

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James Robert Clark

About the Author

James Robert Clark has been a licensed professional architect since 1980. Until his move to Delaware in 1990, he was teaching studio design at the Boston Architectural College. His father, an environmental engineer, inspired his interest in health.

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