Raising Sons

Being a father is an experiencing that one could never appreciate until they are one. I am a father of 4 sons. My goal has been and still is to pass along what I have learned throughout my life. With each child, you learn something new, but also know that what works with one will... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day

My love for is so great, my heart melts for you 'til the dusk of day. The night weeps when you are away, shiver, yearn 'til day's dawn. Her beauty is great, Wondering mind 'til she sees, loving is all I do, While loving every moment with her even after "I do."

Shadow of Ashes – Chapter Review

Chapter III – The Genius Flashing light, booming bass so loud it feels like the Earth is shaking. The malodorous mix of perfumes, delirium producing smokes, and desperation filled the atmosphere. Ecstasy moved around the dance floor as youth filled liberation run rampant. Standing at the bar sits a pair of women laughing, enjoying what... Continue Reading →

Type of Fathers

Someone once told me that there are 7 types of good fathers. There is the responsible dad. This is the dad that is great at organizing what goes on in the household. He keeps track of appointments and activities that the children engage. Next we have the thoughtful dad. He is the one always thinking... Continue Reading →

Husband and Father

When a man chooses to become a husband, he chooses to be a protector and provider. When a man chooses to become a father, he chooses to become more then a protector and provider. He also chooses to become a teacher. Times change and the role of a husband and father changes with how they... Continue Reading →

Stay Strong

Strength is the ability to continue on when things look bleak the the outcome seems inevitable. Physical strength seems to be what most have, but mental and emotional strength can carry you much further. It allows you to continue to search for love when love just broke your heart. It allows for you to be... Continue Reading →

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