Type of Fathers

Someone once told me that there are 7 types of good fathers. There is the responsible dad. This is the dad that is great at organizing what goes on in the household. He keeps track of appointments and activities that the children engage. Next we have the thoughtful dad. He is the one always thinking of what the child wants. What toys the like, friends names, favorite tv shows and food. Then we have the the nurturing father. The father that take sick days for care for the sick children. Helps with bed and bath time. The affectionate dad. He is the hug and kisses father. He is the “I love you” father. There is the interactive father. The father that lets the children have a voice is all decisions that affect them. There is the sharing dad. He does his best to do things 50/50 with mom. Finally, there is the providing dad. He focus on making the household feel safe, secure, taking care of, and in control.

There is an 8th father, the combo father. This is the father I strive to be. I try to incorporate the traits of all the other father types. As your children grow older, you have adjust the ratio, allow the child to become more independent. Plant the roots by exhibiting each father type as the foundation, and give your child the best opportunity to become the best person they can be. No matter which category of father you fall into or any combination incorporated, remember to be a father the best that you can.

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