Husband and Father

When a man chooses to become a husband, he chooses to be a protector and provider. When a man chooses to become a father, he chooses to become more then a protector and provider. He also chooses to become a teacher.

Times change and the role of a husband and father changes with how they are seen within society. But to truly be a husband, a man must not change the defining characteristics of what has successfully stood the test of time. When he join into a union with that of his spouse, he must protect and provide. When a child in introduced, he must be more then a man, he has to be a father.

As a protector, he should be a shield and defender. He should be an advocate for his family, a friend to his spouse. As a father, he must also be shield and defender. He must become a teacher. He must be understanding, forgiving, and a guide.

I have been blessed to be a father and a husband. I have made mistakes and bad choices, but I have never giving up. My children has grown to be their own people and done things that I have tried to shield them from, but as their father, they have not hesitated to run back under my wing when things has ballooned into something they could not handle themselves.

I am more than a man. I am a husband to my wife and a father to children. I will protect them with all that have, provide them with everything I can, teach them everything I have learned, and lead my house with the authority that has been entrusted to me.

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