Excerpt for “The Shadow of Ashes”

Jax’ eyes glares over and a sinister smirk fills his face.

“Y’all never let me go wild. Bet I can get loose better than you two! GET LOOSE!”, he yells.

Like a rabid and ferial creature, he pulls out his blades and slashes through everything in sight. How could a man kill with no remorse? Such a gruesome sight as blood, guts, and fear echoes. Everly glances back at the carnage Jax unleashed. It was more than she was able to handle. Ezra alone now has to get through the door. Dom jumps into the fray and like a bulldozer, plows through each enemy. Alex unleash her own brand of fury as she protects the twins. Her movements shows no wasted energy and with the grace of a ballet dancer. It was a beautiful symphony to behold.

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